A showcase of creativity

6 – 8 years ‘Jewelled Bugs’

In this project my 6-8 year artists examined different examples of beautiful bugs and insects. They looked carefully at their shapes and features to create their own unique bug.
We also studied the work of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama and her use of pattern and colour. They then used this inspiration to decorate their bug designs.
Finally, we created display boxes in which our jewelled buys could be displayed in all their glory.

9-12 years ‘Lion Mandalas’

In this project my 9-12 year artists spent time understanding what a mandala is and its spiritual significance. They practiced designing their own mandalas using repeating circular patterns, different shapes, and colour combinations.
For their final piece they incorporated their unique mandala design around a lion head, carefully choosing a colour scheme which complimented their design using watercolour pencils and paint.

Arty party – ‘Cat theme’

This young artist had a love of cats and so was keen to use this as the theme for her birthday party. We took inspiration from the work of Laurel Burch to create these fabulous freestanding cat pieces out of card with acrylic paint for background colour and acrylic pens to add detail.

Holiday club sessions: Coral Reef Sculptures

We went under the sea for these aquatic masterpieces in our holiday sessions over Easter
These underwater beauties included urchins, anemones, sea barnacles along with their very own hand drawn sea creatures.

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