The Colour Corner Ltd recognises the importance of having robust systems in place to ensure the safe arrival and departure of the children in our care. 

The responsible person (KIMBERLEY BLAKEY) will ensure that an accurate record is kept of all children attending the sessions, and that any arrivals or departures are recorded in the register. The register is kept in an accessible location on the premises at all times. In addition, we conduct regular headcounts during the session.


Each child will be greeted warmly on their arrival at the premises and the responsible person will record the child’s attendance in the daily register straightaway, including the time of arrival.


  • Children are only collected by an adult who has been authorised to do so on their registration form. 
  • In exceptional circumstances, if the parent requires another person who is not listed on the registration form to collect their child, the child’s parents or carers must inform the responsible person in advance and provide a description of the person and a secure password that they will use. If the responsible person has any concerns regarding the person collecting, they will contact the main parent or carer for confirmation.
  • The parent or carer must notify the responsible person if they will be late collecting their child. Failure to do so will result in the Uncollected Children policy being followed.
  • Children are not allowed to arrive / leave the session unaccompanied by an adult


  • If a child is going to be absent from a session, parents must notify the responsible person in advance.
  • If a child is absent without explanation, the responsible person will contact the parents or carers and the school to check where the child should be. If staff still have concerns about the child’s whereabouts after attempts to contact the parents and the school the manager will contact the police.
  • The setting will try to discover the causes of prolonged and unexplained absences. Regular absences could indicate that a child or their family might need additional support.





This policy was adopted by: The Colour Corner Ltd


Date: 1/1/24

To be reviewed: 1/1/25


Signed: K. Blakey 


Written in accordance with the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (2023): Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements: Premises [3.63]; and Information and records [3.77]