The Colour Corner Ltd accepts that mobile technology is part of the ever changing digital environment that we live and work in. We aim to foster a ‘culture of safety’ in which the children and staff are protected from abuse, harm, and distress.  We therefore have a clear policy on the acceptable use of mobile phones and other wearable technology that is understood and adhered to by everyone; staff, children and parents. 


Abiding by the terms of the policy ensures that we all:

  • Protect children from harm and abuse
  • Ensure privacy is respected and online safety is preserved
  • Prevent staff from being subject to false allegations 
  • Help staff remain focused on the care of children
  • Work in an open and transparent environment.


With the evolution of mobile and wearable technology including camera facilities as standard, it is of the upmost importance that the way we deal with mobile phones and wearable technology is managed safely. 

Staff use of mobile phones and wearable technology

Personal mobile phones belonging to members of staff are not to be used in the studio space during working hours. 

If a member of staff needs to make an urgent personal call they can make a personal call from their mobile downstairs. 

If a member of staff has a family emergency or similar and needs to keep their mobile phone to hand, prior permission must be sought from the Manager or Deputy. 

Under no circumstances may staff use their personal mobile phones or wearable technology to take photographs at the club during working hours. 

Children’s use of mobile phones

Whilst we understand that some children have mobile phones, they are not permitted to use their phones within the club unless it is to contact parents / carers

The club does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to mobile phones brought to the club by the children.

Children must not use their mobile phone to take photographs of any kind whilst at the club. If they want a photograph of a particular activity they can ask a member of staff to take one using the club camera.




Visitors’ use of mobile phones

In the interest of safeguarding we ask all parents and visitors not to use their phones or other mobile devices on club premises. Taking of photographs by parents or visitors is strictly prohibited. If a parent would like to have a photograph of their child involved in an activity or at play, they can ask a member of staff to take one using the club camera. 



To safeguard children and practitioners online, our staff will be encouraged to refer to “Safeguarding children and protecting professionals in early years settings: online safety considerations”. (

Related policies

See also: Safeguarding Children policy.



This policy was adopted by: The Colour Corner Ltd


Date: 1/1/24

To be reviewed: 1/1/25


Signed: K. Blakey


Written in accordance with the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (2023): Safeguarding and Welfare requirements: Child Protection [3.4].